Barn Quilt

For our schools gala my class, and the seventh grade class are making barn quilts.  Here are the some steps to making a barn quilt.

1.You start off with 3/4 in. green treated plywood.

2.Then you choose your design.

3.Next you prime the wood.

This is us priming our wood.

4.Next you draw your pattern on the wood.

This is us tracing our design.

5.Then you tape along the lines.

This is us taping our quilt.

6.Then you pick your colors and start painting with one of them.

This is our quilt after we got done with one of our colors.

7.After you have done one color  and you think that there is enough coats, you can take the tape off.

8.Then you can repeat that with all of the other colors.

9.Then you can do any needed touch ups.

This is our quilt before we did touch ups.

10.When you are done you can name it.  We are going to name ours 2016 Four by Four.

11.Then you can either sell it, or you can keep it  and then hang it somewhere.

This is what our quilt looks like now that we are done.

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