Career Day

On April 13 the eighth grade class got to go to Career Day at Northwest Iowa Community College.  That morning we worked at Then Feed Just One, and then we got on the bus and ate our lunch on the way up to NCC.  When we got to NCC we all got to go to three different sessions that we had picked beforehand.  My sessions were veterinarian, life science, and accounting.

The first session I went to was veterinarian.  I learned a lot of things from the presenter.  One thing I learned was that it takes eight years of college to be able to become a veterinarian.  I also learned that it costs $9252 per year of college.  I found it interesting that the salaries for beginning vets is between 55 to 80 thousand dollars per year, and it will increase for the longer you have the job.  In this job you have to diagnose what is wrong with the animal.  One thing with this job that I would not like is the blood.  I would want to have this job because I love animals and I want to be around them.

The second session I went to was life science.  This job is the study of organisms.  In this job you do a lot of experiments, problem solving, and you need to have a passion.  The salaries for this job vary depending on education and geographic region.  I would not be able to do this job because I do not like problem solving.  I would want this job because some of the different types of life science have to deal with animals.

The final job that I went to was accounting.  For this job you could do a one-year program, a two-year program, or a four-year program.  If you do the four-year program you can be a public accountant, governmental accountant, or a managerial accountant. One thing I would not like about this job is having to do a lot of math.  I would like this job though because doing math would challenge me.

I really enjoyed career day.  I learned many new things, and I had some great speakers to learn from.  I think I would like to be a veterinarian when I am older.  Career day has helped me to come closer to making a decision about what I really want to do when I am older.

Skype Session With Mr. Davis

Yesterday my class Skyped with Mr. Kenneth C. Davis.  We talked about American History, and the American presidents.  We asked Mr. Davis as many questions as we could before we ran out of time.  My question, which did not get answered, was Why haven’t there been very many presidents that were in the Whig party?

Mr. Davis has written many books some of them are Don’t know Much About History, and Don’t know Much About the Civil War, you can see more about Mr. Davis and his books at  Mr. Davis was very interesting to listen to, and I learned a lot from him.

Barn Quilt

For our schools gala my class, and the seventh grade class are making barn quilts.  Here are the some steps to making a barn quilt.

1.You start off with 3/4 in. green treated plywood.

2.Then you choose your design.

3.Next you prime the wood.

This is us priming our wood.

4.Next you draw your pattern on the wood.

This is us tracing our design.

5.Then you tape along the lines.

This is us taping our quilt.

6.Then you pick your colors and start painting with one of them.

This is our quilt after we got done with one of our colors.

7.After you have done one color  and you think that there is enough coats, you can take the tape off.

8.Then you can repeat that with all of the other colors.

9.Then you can do any needed touch ups.

This is our quilt before we did touch ups.

10.When you are done you can name it.  We are going to name ours 2016 Four by Four.

11.Then you can either sell it, or you can keep it  and then hang it somewhere.

This is what our quilt looks like now that we are done.

Off the Cuff Thursday

This is a photo from a subscription that my school has to iClipart for schools

I can’t wait for today after school.  I finally get to go to the eye doctor to get new glasses.  For the past three weeks I have been having to get by with wearing my glasses that my brother broke, or wearing my old glasses that I can hardly see with.

I feel like I have been waiting forever because m broken glasses are not comfortable, they do not fit right, and my old glasses give me a headache every time I put them on.  I hope that when I go to pick out my new glasses I can find a pair that I really like.